Outline of the Mining Museum (officially known as the Mineral Industry Museum)

Akita is rich in mineral and petroleum resources and has traditionally been the most prosperous mining area in Japan. There are numbers of hydrothermal ore deposits represented by the Kuroko and vein type deposits in the eastern mountain area. The coastal area is known as one of the largest oil and gas fields in Japan. These natural resources have been developed for the promotion of Japan’s modernization and high economic growth for a long time.
Since the foundation of Akita Mining College in 1910, more than 20,000 valuable geologic specimens and mining industry items have been collected for education and research of mining. We properly preserve these collections and offer them to be utilized for research and education of the future generations.
In the exhibition building, approximately 3300 items are systematically exhibited. We have three exhibition spaces, the ground floor for mineral and ore specimens, the 2nd floor for the exhibition on the history of the Earth and life, and 3rd floor for the mining-related exhibition.

Director and Research staff

Director / Professor Daizo ISHIYAMA
Lecturer Osamu NISHIKAWA
Technical Staff / Curator Keigo CHIDA

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